Sunday, April 28, 2013

First week as Mrs. Alaska!

Had a wonderful weekend participating in the Heart Run/Walk, and to finish it off by judging the Lulu E. Bebe charity fashion show try-outs for, "Paint Me Purple".  Participating in these events really shows you what an amazing place we live.  It is great to see all the people that come out to support friends and family.  I am so happy to represent my state and be a part of such great organizations.  Look forward to a busy weekend next week with one of my favorite charity walks, "walk and roll for hope" and a radio interview with 93.7. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Mrs. Alaska 2013 goals.

I was honored on April 20th to be selected as the next Mrs. Alaska United States 2013.  Winning the title of Mrs. Alaska is an incredible opportunity to share the heart and passion I have for my home state.  Statistically Alaska rates among the highest in the country for sexual abuse, domestic violence and suicide.  These issues are devastating to our communities and healing is needed.  My platform, "Building Confidence through Healthy Smiles", focuses on the issues facing Alaskan's spiritual and emotional needs.  Through my experiences of working in rural Alaska, I feel I have gained a unique perspective on the challenges facing rural communities.  As Mrs. Alaska my experiences will serve as a catalyst to promote my platform and have a positive impact on the lives of numerous individuals throughout this state.  My year as Mrs. Alaska will provide me an avenue to develop, build positive relationships and enhance awareness to bring about positive change.  I look forward to serving my state.